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Buying Original Swiss Watches in London

May 29, 2013

The number of fake Swiss watches currently in circulation is remarkably high, so it’s a good idea to know what to be aware of when you’re looking for original Swiss watches. London may not have such an obvious counterfeit watch industry as some other world cities, where fakes are sold blatantly on street corners, but it is still surprisingly easy to be fobbed off with a replica when you think you’re buying the real thing.

Original Swiss Watch

Original Swiss Watch

Tips for buying original Swiss watches in London

These tips should help you ensure your new timepiece is exactly what it claims to be:

*   Most original Swiss watches in London are sold by the brand’s authorised retailers, so start your search there rather than going to a general watch or jewellery store, even if they are located in a good area and appear to be reputable.

*   Ask for the manufacturer’s warranty, the original packaging, and any printed material that accompanied the original watch, to ensure its authenticity.

*   Original Swiss watches in London stores will generally have a fixed price with little room for haggling. If your seller offers to drop the price significantly there’s a good chance you’re being sold a fake.

*   If you want to buy a watch online rather than visiting a physical store, make sure you do some in-depth research on the company. It’s fairly easy to create the impression of a reputable store online.

What’s wrong with buying a fake?

Some people knowingly buy replica watches for the appearance of wearing the real thing. They think that because nobody else will know their watch isn’t the real deal they’ve got themselves a bargain. However, counterfeiting is a criminal activity which usually involves illegally reproducing a brand, stealing a copyrighted design, and falsifying hallmarks or country of origin marks. If you knowingly purchase a counterfeit watch you are encouraging criminal activity. While buying counterfeit goods in the UK isn’t currently illegal, selling them certainly is.

Check for Guarantee and After Service

Check for Guarantee and After Service

While original Swiss watches in London will have been produced to high technical specifications and stringent safety levels, counterfeit watches will not be of the same quality. Manufacturers of fake Swiss watches tend to focus on the appearance of the watch rather than the technical parts to gain the highest possible profit. This means that the buyer ends up with a watch that is at best poor quality, and at worst damaging to their health. Counterfeit watched have been known to include radioactive or allergy inducing materials.

If you’re searching for original Swiss watches in London, visiting a reputable retailer that is authorised by the brand you have chosen, will ensure you have a guarantee and a strong after-sales service. You will have access to knowledgeable, experienced staff, and authentic parts when your watch requires servicing.

While original Swiss watches in London stores might cost more than the replicas you can buy online, you will benefit from many years of technical innovation which will ensure a watch of the highest specification. If your watch claims to be a chronometer for example, a certification from the COSC Swiss testing institute will prove that it actually is. Alongside technical excellence, buying original Swiss watches rather than counterfeits will allow you to truly enjoy the brand image and design, safe in the knowledge that you have the real thing and not just a cheap imitation.

Graham Simmonds, Rolex Accredited, Superlative Time – London

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